At the origins of the brand

Brazilian lifestyle and sounds

She draws her inspiration directly from this rich and varied culture through all of her influences to imagine Streetwear and Surfwear collections in collaboration with designers and street artists based in São Paulo.

Why " SãoPa "? because it is the largest city in Brazil and the economic capital of the country where we find a melting pot of different European, Arab, Asian and African ethnicities who coexist and make this mixed city a real source of inspiration in the development of our collections which also draw from different subcultures such as Skateboarding, Surfing, Graffiti with these famous "Pixadores" and other popular arts.

From the first day, our desire was to be able working with local artists, a way to give back to Brazil what it brings us and also to be able to breathe all the identity of this multicultural country into our creations.

Estilo Bōa is not just clothing is also a whole range of cosmetic products which are made in the Hauts de France with accessories made in the Vaucluse. It is also a subsidiary of the Bōa Fightwear brand which has existed since 2014, a subsidiary entity that has allowed us to gain experience, meet people and find partners to offer you ever more quality products that meet a specific ethical respectful of the world around us.

Estilo Bōa | Popular arts provider
Estilo Bōa

At the heart of our DNA

What makes our values

Like the identity and the Brazilian society, we want to be multicultural and therefore open to the world and the other cultures that surround us, through this mixing, this diversity that inspires us for our designs we want to create a lifestyle unique and united through various collaborations.

Respectful of the environment and people, we want to develop the short circuit, local work to promote know-how and small artisans.

Benevolence and loyalty are also at the heart of our interactions, we are committed to the development of our manufacturing workshops and invest alongside them to leave nothing to chance throughout the manufacture of our products by thinking of every detail, material, color.

“The future was created to be changed.”
Paulo Coelho


What drives us?

Influenced by Brazil and different subcultures such as Skateboarding, Surfing, "Pixação" and other popular arts, Yannick and Katoucha collaborate to design the collections of tomorrow in order to create a unique and colorful lifestye that brings together a community passionate about sports extremes sharing common values and passions.

Influenced by Brazil
Who is behind our creations ?


Who is behind our creations ?

Gabriel Firmino is our main graphic designer, based in São Paulo we have been working with him for several years, he contributes to infuse the Brazilian identity into our collections, this "Paulistanos" is at the heart of the majority of our projects.
< br /> We can also use other designers and street artists to make some of our "Arts T-Shirts".


How are our products designed ?

We are working on making our own cuts and improving our patronage to constantly improve our clothes, it is Vincent who, through his experience and know-how, works in close relation with our manufacturers to be able to offer you this which is the best.

In collaboration with the Lycée René Char d'Avignon, we help students learn the different professions of fashion and clothing to share our knowledge and give a first experience to future French artisans.

How are our products designed?
Where are our products made ?


Where are our products made ?

All of our cosmetic products are made in the Hauts de France and the accessories are made in the Vaucluse.

Regarding the ready-to-wear, it is made in Portugal but there is also a small part of our collection which is made in Pakistan in Sialkot, in a family business owned by a Frenchman.

Currently we are also working with China and Pakistan to make our technical products such as our boardshorts , compression t-shirts ...


What are our areas for improvement ?

Our wish is to be able to work ever more with French and European companies to promote local know-how and the short circuit as well as to have recycled and / or mostly natural materials that respect the environment.

What are our areas for improvement?

The team

Who are the actors involved in the project ?

With several years of experience, I bring knowledge to offer what is best.
Vincent Cruvellier Head of product development
Head of product development
I am the first contact within the brand and it is also the one who takes care of making Estilo shine.
Vincent Cruvellier Gérant Estilo Boa
Yannick CARLOS
Community Manager
Designer for many projects in Brazil, I also contribute to the development of our Bōa brand.
Collection Designer
Photographer and true Globe Trotteuse, I have a knowledge and knowledge acquired through my travels.
Katoucha-Fall-Directrice-Marketing Manager
Katoucha FALL
Marketing Manager

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